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Inspired by Heritage, Crafted with Mastery

Founded in 2007 by Heena Maklai and Yusuf Maklai, 'Label Heena Yusuf' is the culmination of their shared passion for footwear design and retail. Their vision intertwines luxury with affordability, crafting a brand that embodies sophistication and accessibility.

At Label Heena Yusuf, diversity reigns supreme. From casual flats and espadrilles to semi-formal sandals, wedges, and embellished evening heels of varying heights, our range caters to both eastern and western styles, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every occasion.

Each Label Heena Yusuf creation is meticulously handcrafted within our Mumbai workspace. We pride ourselves on using only the finest, locally and internationally sourced materials, ensuring that our signature aesthetic not only looks exquisite but feels exceptional.

Convenience meets quality at Label HY. With our E-store, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp platforms, ordering is a breeze. Enjoy home delivery and experience our commitment to premium customer service, making your shopping experience as delightful as our footwear.

Grace every step with opulence, let Cinderella Shoes adorn your journey in elegance!